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Community Built Drones

Ukrainian Disabled Vets v1.jpg

Ukrainian disabled vet potential members of a drone building group

We're organizing community drone-building groups that harness the patriotism, determination, and anger of Ukrainian disabled vets, women, elderly men babushkas, and medically exempt men to build fixed-wing drones to help defeat the evil Russian invasion.

Ukrainian citizens come together in small groups of friends, family, and coworkers in homes, businesses, and other community locations, to build our fixed-wing drone wings, fuselages, and tails.

Our innovative cheap new drone designs are so easy and quick to build that Ukrainian citizens can learn to build our drone airframe's wings, fuselage, or tail with just a day of training. Those who wish can be trained further to build an entire drone airframe.

We are a Ukraine drone workshop, and an international volunteer team of drone pilots, designers, and builders.

We work together to design and flight test innovative, cheap, easy-to-build, good-performance fixed-wing drones that can be built by our community drone-build groups.

In our Ukraine drone workshop, we also design, test, and build fixed-wing drones for Ukrainian military drone teams. Some of the drones are custom designs for special Ukrainian drone team missions.


Working on the motor and mount of a new drone design

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